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Light a Candle, Sit Back, Relax, Embrace & Enjoy

Thank you for visiting Candles for Mom. As a child, I remember the Mother's Day tradition of wearing carnation flowers as you proudly showcased and acknowledged your mother. A red carnation showed the world that your mother was living, a pink one indicated that she was ill, and a white carnation was worn in memory of your mother. Orchids were also a flower of choice for the occasion.  Every florist shop, grocery store, and even the corner vendors had carnations and orchids for sale on Sunday morning.

Times and traditions have changed so I rarely see this acknowledgement anymore; however, celebrating, honoring, and remembering mothers and mother figures on Mother's Day is, and will always be, a celebrated event. It is a significant sales driver for the florist industry. It is the most frequently visited day at cemeteries. Restaurants are booked weeks in advance. Cellular phone services often give notice of possible delays in service connections.  Ticket prices and sales skyrocket for out-of-town travelers.

Candles for Mom was birthed during a grief coach training session as we discussed how Mother's Day is a time when the emotions of loss are heightened. On Thursday, May 10, 2018, we will light candles for mothers and mother figures, and anyone can participate from the comfort of their home. Stories will be shared of grief journey experiences from those who are missing their mothers; acknowledgements of love to mothers who are with us; words of wisdom and love from mothers themselves; and, much more. Coaching tips and tools for coping with loss during this heightened emotional season will also be shared, and you will have the opportunity to chat with the guests.

Our mission at From Grief to Gratitude is to help individuals journey from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible. Then, to encourage them to embrace a fulfilled life going forward.  We hope that each attendee will receive inspiration and wisdom as you bond with family, friends, and community during this upcoming Mother’s Day and beyond.  If you are grieving a loss, we hope that you receive hope, encouragement, and support.

Please share this free event with all, and we look forward to you lighting your candle with us on May 10th. Enjoy your day and keep moving forward.

Dora Carpenter, CPC

Founder and Program Director

From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program